101: How to Invest Successfully in a Dynamic and Changing Market with Terry Ryder

With so much information available for investors and those just starting, there’s a tendency to get confused over which ones will actually help you invest well…

And with such a dynamic and ever-changing market, there’s just as many opportunities to make significant gains as there are possibilities to make significant mistakes.

So what information do you really need to know?

Today, we speak with property expert Terry Ryder about how to make good investments for the long term. We tackle questions like, “Do interest rates really drive growth?” and, “Is the current boom in the capitals sustainable?” while getting a good look at the current Australian property landscape.

We also talk about how to assess portfolio risks…
Some economic factors that affect the property market…
If a town’s size affects its investability…
And so much more!

If you are an investor of any type, shape, age or form and you’re thinking of buying real estate or trying to understand what is currently happening in the market to make sense of it all, you’re going to love this episode!

Tune in now and we’ll see you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Current trends shaping the property landscape [04:26]
  2. Do interest rates play a role in the national property boom? [05:17]
  3. Economic factors affecting the property market [08:12]
    • The Inland Rail Link Project’s impact over the long term [11:10]
    • Does a town’s size affect its investability? [12:46]
  4. How do you assess portfolio risk? [14:44]
  5. Understanding Macroprudential Regulation in the context of booming markets [19:17] 
  6. How to think about your investment strategy in the current market [23:52] 
  7. Are capital city prices really booming and is it for the short or long term? [26:45]
  8. The regional exodus trend & changes in lifestyle decisions [29:00]
    • Defining & quantifying “lifestyle factors” in real estate [33:43]
    • Assessing locations that are both cheap and lifestyle-centered [36:08]
  9. How to identify & analyse markets that are in transition [40:56]
  10. Is internet connectivity a significant hidden driver in the exodus trend? [44:52]
  11. Advice for people who are trying to make sense of this market [47:22]
  12. Should you focus on cash flow or growth? [50:48]

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Check Investopedia for some technical terms: https://www.investopedia.com

About our guest:

Terry Ryder is the director and founder of Hotspotting.com.au, helping Aussies achieve the “Great Australian Dream” by providing quality research on real estate properties. Previously the editor at The Courier-Mail and currently a regular real estate columnist for The Australian, he has extensive knowledge on the real estate market and its behaviour over the past few years. He has authored four real estate books and has ultimately become a household name for property investors.

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