102: Discovering Your Freedom Formula with Bushy Martin

Freedom is something most of us crave but often have a hard time achieving.

Ultimately, we all want the same thing: to do what we want, when we want and with who we want. So, wouldn’t it be amazing to just have a formula especially made for you to achieve the life you really want?

Today, we speak with award-winning property expert Bushy Martin about “the freedom formula”. We tackle why you should optimise the time you’ve got and what you need to look at in order to transform your life and get the level of freedom you want, while getting some practical and feasible life advice you can apply in your life.

We also talk about utilising the R.E.A.D. concept to free up more time…
What the freedom formula is in a nutshell…
The 3 forms of strategies you need to get your head around…
And so much more!

Whether you’re a business owner, top executive, entry level, blue collar worker, wannabe-investor who aspires to pursue the freedom to live their life— this episode offers snack-able takeaways that you can digest and eat at your own time!

Tune in now and we’ll see you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Get to know Bushy and his origin story [03:52]
    • Experiencing a “Robert Kiyosaki moment” [09:48]
  2. Living by design [12:10]
  3. What is something that has significantly improved Bushy’s life? [13:51]
    • Understanding yourself can change your life [15:23]
    • Developing healthy habits as a foundation for building wealth [17:15]
  4. How to optimise the time you’ve got [21:38]
    • Utilising the R.E.A.D concept to free up more time [23:27]
  5. Shifting from success to significance [24:47]
  6. Helping people discover their ideal lifestyle [26:00]
  7. Commander’s intent vs. a linear plan [30:22]
  8. The 3 forms of strategies you need to get your head around [32:13]
  9. What is the ‘freedom formula’ in a nutshell? [36:40]
    • The setup factors: value, interest & time [39:00]
    • How can you balance growth and affordability? [40:45]
  10. From capital growth to cash flow: an investment portfolio management perspective [43:22]
  11. Being a passive-aggressive investor and selling labor-intensive income streams [48:11]
  12. The sustainability factors: affordability, mindset, income, network & strategy [50:53]
  13. Bushy’s book & dog charity [54:50]
  14. Leaving everyone you meet smarter and smiling [55:49]
  15. Advice for those just about to start their wealth building journey [57:34]
  16. The T.L.C. in wealth [01:01:24]

Links from the show:

  1. Visit Bushy’s website to get his book: The Freedom Formula
  2. To know more about success and significance, check out Episode 86: How to Find Success and Significance in Business and Real Estate Investing with Jen Du Plessis
  3. Check Investopedia for some technical terms: https://www.investopedia.com
  4. Get property finance strategy through https://knowhowproperty.com.au/

About our guest:

Bushy Martin is an investor, founder, author and media commentator, recognised as one of Australia’s most trusted experts in property, investment and lifestyle. As the founder of leading property finance and advisory firm KnowHow Property, Bushy has helped over 1700 time poor professionals secure more than $550 million in property to improve their lifestyle and replace their income safely, easily and affordably. He is the author of two award winning books, including the acclaimed The Freedom Formula: Live More, Work Less And Leave A Legacy and Get Invested: Do You Want To Live More Or Less? Bushy also interviews some of the world’s leading investors and high performers each week on his podcast, Get Invested.

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