104: Rentvesting: The Fast Track to Freedom?

Most – if not all – of us have a dream home we’re working towards. However, that property we want may cost more than what we can afford at the moment and so we feel stuck on what to do next… 

And the thing is, none of us really want to keep renting forever.

So what’s the next best thing?


Today’s episode is all about rentvesting and how it can help you get your dream home faster. We tackle what it is, how it works and why it’s a good strategy to use. We also cover diversification, financial mechanics and thinking about your portfolio as a strategy to get to where you want faster.

We also talk about reasons why you might want to rentvest…
How people get confused when financial mechanics come into play…
How to buy your dream home…
And so much more!

Tune in now and we’ll see you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Current state and changes in the property market [03:24]
  2. Scenario 1: Buying one $1M property [09:14]
  3. Scenario 2: Buying two 500,000 income-producing properties [14:00]
  4. People often get confused when financial mechanics come into play [16:29]
  5. A reason for why you might want to rentvest [17:27]
  6. 3 big reasons to rentvest [20:07]
    • Lifestyle [21:25]
    • Borrowing capacity [29:36]
      • Diversification [30:33]
    • Increase savings in cash [34:28] 
  7. So how do you buy your dream home? [37:07]
  8. Begin with the end in mind [40:11]
  9. Identifying your goal and committing to it [44:45] 
  10. Rentvesting key points [49:19]

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