106: How This Couple Bought 8 Properties in 15 Months

Scaling a successful property portfolio quickly seems far-fetched and impossible… but is it?

And if it is possible, how do you go about making it a reality?

Today, we’re going to hear about a real-life success story. Joining us are Dashdot clients Bianca Kennedy & Charley Valher, as we talk about how they were able to buy 8 properties in just 15 months – which is pretty wild!

That’s more properties than most people will buy in their lives!

We chat about their journey, mindset, their evolution as people to get where they are now, their process, how they got started, their timeline and so much more, so you can get a sense of how their journey unfolded in the last 15 months.

If you’d love to get insights on how it’s like to scale a property portfolio quite quickly, what that could mean for you and how to apply it to your own life, this episode is perfect for you.

We’ll see you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Charley & Bianca’s background and how they got started investing in property [3:30]
  2. Bianca on buying her first property at age 23 [6:49]
  3. Their frame of mind when buying their principal property [8:43]
  4. Building wealth outside their business & why they chose to invest in property [10:11]
  5. What are Bianca & Charley trying to achieve? [14:56]
    • Their timeline & strategy [15:43]
    • The funny story of how they put an offer in their first property [18:11]
  6. The challenges they faced at the start of their property journey [24:16]
  7. Bianca’s first property and moving on to her next ones [26:58]
  8. Charley & Bianca’s 2nd property (San Remo, Central Coast) [32:29]
  9. Their 3rd and 4th properties (when their ‘addiction’ kicked in) [36:23]
  10. How they added 4 properties in succession [45:58]
  11. Their most recent purchase [48:39]
  12. Looking back at what they’ve accomplished [52:26]
  13. Charley & Bianca on their experience and next steps [54:06]
  14. Lessons learned throughout the whole journey [59:20]
  15. Advice to quickly scale your property portfolio [1:02:53]

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About our guest:

Charley Valher is a business owner, investor, cyclist, amateur chef and father from Melbourne, Australia. As Founder and CEO of Valher Media, he helps businesses reach a wider audience and build a loyal fanbase through podcasting and amplification on social media.

Bianca Kennedy is the Founder and Virtual CFO of Know the Score Finance. As an Accountant and Financial Planner, her focus is to help small businesses succeed by understanding the financial side of their business, work towards long term, consistent financial results and winning their game of business.

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