109: Intelligent Goal Setting Part 1 – Building the Vision of the Future

Have you ever struggled with setting goals and achieving them?

If you have, you’re not alone. 

So many of us find setting good goals difficult, mainly because we don’t set the right ones, we don’t know how to get there, or more importantly, we don’t know what we really want!

So how do we set things right?

Today’s episode is about creating a life of freedom, choice, and abundance and to realise that vision, it’s crucial to know who you want to become and identify what you want in your life and where you’re trying to get to. We’ll share tips on how to think about the process and how to overcome roadblocks you may encounter along the way.

We also talk about finding your true north…
A simple hack to help you achieve your goals…
A neat trick to help you set the right ones…
And loads more!

This is just the first part of our 2-part series on intelligent goal setting, so be sure to stay tuned for next week’s episode where we tackle how you can apply this in your life and achieve those goals!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The problem most people face with goal setting [03:53]
  2. The difficulty of getting to where you want to go without a map [06:38]
  3. The need for introspection & specific goal setting [07:41]
  4. What does ‘financial freedom’ mean for different people? [10:13]
  5. The big fundamental problem people have with setting goals [13:59]
  6. Understanding yourself and what truly motivates you [16:11]
  7. What is your true north? [19:26]
  8. Most people don’t set goals [21:44]
  9. What can help you set your goals? [23:59]
  10. Use this simple hack to achieve your goals! [27:08]
  11. You have to believe it to achieve it! [31:00]
  12. How can you reduce the probability of failing to meet your goals? [32:09]
  13. This neat trick will enable you to set the right goals [37:51]
  14. Reflecting on who you are now to be who you want to be in the future [42:03]
  15. Here’s a little task to get you started on goal setting [44:00]

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