110: Intelligent Goal Setting Part 2 – Turning Your Vision Into Action

Have you ever created a list of things you want to accomplish but got stuck on how to get started after creating one?

Well, the truth is, setting your goals is one thing, but turning your vision into reality is a whole ‘nother challenge.

In the previous episode, we pulled apart the process of setting goals, how to set the right ones, what your goals should be and more. Today, we help you figure out how to create an action plan by reverse-engineering where you actually want to be in 20-25 years and setting up steps to turn your vision into action!

We talk about the 25:1 life plan & how it can work for you…
How you can stay driven by your vision…
People’s struggle with creating vision boards…
And much, much more!

This is the second episode of our 2-part series on intelligent goal setting, so if you haven’t watched the first part yet, check it out now then come back to this one! (We’ve linked the first one in the show notes.) 

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A recap of part 1 [02:22]
  2. The mechanical side of turning your vision into action [09:06]
    • The 25:1 life plan [10:46]
  3. Start by identifying your end goal [12:22]
  4. Gamifying the goal setting process [15:11]
  5. Breaking down the 25:1 life plan [18:47]
    • Successful goals are measurable [27:19]
  6. How can you stay driven by your vision? [30:14]
  7. Use these strategies to turn your vision into action! [34:28]
  8. The art of brainwashing yourself [40:46]
  9. People’s struggle with creating vision boards [45:05]
    • A framework for vision boards [47:03]
  10. A recap of what we covered in this episode [53:09]

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