112: Why Don’t We Buy All the Properties?

Helping people create a life of freedom, choice and abundance has always been our passion.

That’s why when people come to us for help, we do our best to find the best property for each one.

Naturally, however, something that sounds ‘too good to be true’ (even though it is) is typically met with disbelief, and we tend to get asked this question a lot:

“If you say you come across so many amazing deals, why don’t you just buy them for yourselves?”

And the answer is actually quite simple.

In this episode, we answer this recurring question and share our insights on why property investing is not a zero-sum game. We unpack why we don’t buy “all the great properties” and dive into the factor of scarcity versus abundance, while tackling other common questions people ask.

We also cover the problem with having a scarcity mindset…
Why capital and debt are both required to buy plenty of properties…
The importance of operating your business with integrity…
And lots more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A background on why we need to address this question [03:45]
  2. Abundance versus scarcity [08:43]
  3. The macro view (where property is both a finite, but replenishing, resource) [12:11]
  4. The problem with having a “scarcity mindset” [17:39]
    • The case of looking for something better vs. settling on what’s right for you [19:57]
    • Capital and debt are required to buy plenty of properties [24:26]
  5. Some people just don’t want to believe the good in others [25:38]
  6. Understanding what drives your goals [29:36]
  7. Putting others first doesn’t mean you should put yourself last [35:15]
  8. Money is the single tradable commodity you can get more of [37:07]
  9. Having integrity in operating your business is incredibly important [38:17]
    • At the end of the day, all you have is your reputation [41:28]

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