113: Should You Be Worried About Inflation?

You’ve probably heard about inflation in the news and have most likely subscribed to the popular belief that inflation is such a terrible thing. But, is it really?

Should we be afraid of inflation?

Is inflation our enemy?

As an investor, where do you place yourself in an inflationary environment?

In this episode, we talk about what inflation is and how it affects our lives.
We address the negative perception of inflation and whether or not it is justified.
Lastly, we look into how inflation should be viewed from the perspective of investors.   

People fear what they don’t understand, they say. 
So let’s have a deeper understanding of inflation!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The importance of making people understand the concept of inflation [00:56]
  2. People’s main concerns about inflation [07:18]
  3. Why governments want inflation [9:34]
  4. Inflation and its impact on the economy [12:54]
  5. What people fear about inflation  [18:25]
    • Brief comparison between inflation and deflation [20:37]
  6. Keeping inflation in check through interest rates [22:56]
  7. Everything operates in an oscillating frequency, including inflation [28:15]
  8. How you should deal with inflation as an investor [32:45]
  9. The inflationary blip caused by COVID-19 [37:47]
  10. Psychological factors that drive inflation [39:58]
  11. A piece of advice to real estate investors [43:17]

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