114: What Happens to Property Investors When Interest Rates Rise?

In our previous episode, we looked at the two sides of inflation to help you deliberate how you should be making investments in an inflationary environment. Now, we’ll attempt to unpack an even bigger peeve than inflation which is interest rates.

Do interest rates really impact property prices?

What really steers property markets?

Should interest rates affect your investment decisions?

Today, we tackle the nature and economic impacts of interest rates.
We investigate if interest rates do drive the price of properties by weighing the facts to help you decide if rising rates should stop you from buying assets.  

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Why do interest rates exist? [04:13]
  2. Fixed rates and variable rates [06:37]
  3. Factors affecting the loan offer that you get [8:44]
  4. The relationship between the economy and interest rates [12:42]
  5. What happens to property prices when interest rates rise [17:16]
  6. If it’s not interest rates, then what drives property markets? [22:02]
  7. The counterintuitiveness of the correlation of debts and interests [26:33]
  8. Disadvantages of interest rates rise to homeowners [30:30]
  9. Positioning your assets to increase yield [35:02]
  10. You won’t find gold in the weeds [36:57]
  11. Is there a correlation between when property prices rise and interest rates drop? [41:47]

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