115: What Effect Does the Olympics Have on Host City Property Markets?

Did you know that the ‘Olympic fever’ goes beyond the fans’ hype and excitement for the event?

For an occasion that happens only every four years with painstaking preparations made prior, it’s expected for the Olympics to have a long-lasting impact on people’s lives, especially those who are in the host city. 

And it’s not only sports fans who feel the effects.

With this ‘fever’ taking the host city by storm, the property market is just as affected, and in more ways than one. 

In this episode, we address the Olympic excitement experienced by property investors. We dive into how the Olympics drive property prices in host cities. We also look at whether or not you should buy a property in the Olympic host city.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Why do we need to talk about this? [03:24]
  2. The Goldman Sachs Study [07:18]
  3. The link between the Olympics, marketing, and infrastructure improvement [9:30] 
  4. How marketing for the Olympics drives property prices [14:40] 
    • What happened during the 2000 Sydney Olympics? [15:54] 
  5. Will the same factors have the same impact on the 2032 Brisbane Olympics? [21:06]
  6. The economic downside of the Olympics [25:15]
  7. The impact of the London Olympic announcement on property prices.[28:10]
  8. The duality of infrastructure improvements during Olympic bids [31:41]
  9. What’s in it for government officials? [35:28]
  10. Should you buy a property in Brisbane with the Olympics in mind? [36:50]
  11. Staying educated on what’s to come until the Brisbane Olympics [41:44]

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