117: 5 Important Ingredients to Getting Started in Property Development with Justin Gehde

Diving into the unknown is frightening, or at the very least, stressful.

It’s during times like these that we all wish we had some sort of guide or guru to help us grasp what we’re getting into…

And when it comes to property investors venturing into property development, the need for some prior knowledge, whether in the form of books, podcasts, or trainings, is especially important.

Today, we chat with Justin Gehde, host of the Property Developer Podcast. We cover not just the mechanical side of property development, but also the practicalities and the spiritual, personal development aspects of it all. We share the 5 important ingredients you’ll need to get started as well!

We also dig into Justin’s property development evolution…
Helpful tactics you can use to live the life you want…
The risks in property development and how to handle them…
And so much more!

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See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Justin’s property development evolution, before and after [03:16]
    • What drove him to shift to property development? [06:50]
    • Make a decision, follow-through, and change your life [09:50]
  2. Handling the risks in property development [13:44]
  3. How did Justin start with 20 townhouses right off the bat? [16:43]
  4. His second project was a completely different experience [23:10]
  5. Understand the process & life cycle of a development project [26:49]
  6. Produce a good feasibility that captures all the costs [31:15]
  7. Buy well so you can have a margin for error [36:35]
  8. Have enough cash to see a project through to the end [37:47] 
  9. Have a strategic purpose to why you’re doing a project [41:17]
  10. Justin’s version of success [42:09]
  11. New beliefs, behaviours, and habits that improved Justin’s life [43:15]
  12. Helpful tactics to live the life you want [44:20]
  13. Fear-setting: Identify & articulate your fears [47:58]
  14. For people who are interested in property development… [49:55]

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About our guest:

Justin Gehde is the host of the Property Developer Podcast. He loves property development and speaking with people about it, but best of all, Justin loves speaking with property developers about the projects they are doing, what works well for them and what they have learnt along the way. Since starting with 20 townhouses, Justin is now continuously developing properties and helping others learn about property development along the way.

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