122: How to Maximise Your Borrowing Capacity with Chris Raymond

For most (or all) property investors, being able to buy properties faster is key to achieving their financial goals sooner. So how can this be achieved? 

Well, the answer may just depend on your borrowing capacity.

Join our chat with Chris Raymond from Unconditional Finance where we tackle capital growth vs. cash flow, yield impact on loan capacity, what hinders people from getting access to credit, how your daily spend can affect your borrowing capacity and heaps more! 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. All about Chris and his work [03:17]
    • What are mortgage brokers and what do they do? [06:34]
    • Why Chris decided to jump the fence to the other side [08:18]
    • Chris’ reasons for starting his own business [10:06]
  2. Capital growth vs. cash flow [14:31] 
  3. This is why 90% of investors never get past two properties [16:52]
    • Finding the right broker to match you with the right lender is key [23:47]
  4. Something a lot of investors forget about tax-deductible expenses [27:03]
  5. Property portfolios and trusts [29:19]
  6. What impact do yields have on your loan capacity? [31:33]
  7. What hinders people from getting access to credit? [36:49]
  8. A discussion on principal & interest loans versus interest-only loans [39:52]
  9. Comparing rentvesting vs. an owner-occupier strategy [44:21]
  10. Does your day-to-day spending affect your borrowing capacity? [47:32]

About our guest:

Chris Raymond is the Founder of Unconditional Finance, an award-winning mortgage broker company specialising in residential, commercial, investment lending and development finance. Chris works with clients to determine which loan from their extensive network of lenders will help people meet their financial goals to get them the best possible loan available that is in line with what they are trying to achieve.

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