123: Are We in a Real Estate Bubble?

We’re well aware that if you’re a property investor, there’s one burning question on your mind right now: Are we truly in a housing bubble?

Join us as we tackle this question and discuss what it means, digging into 10 key points that will provide answers and insights to help you understand everything you need to know about it.

We also cover what population growth has to do with it, sifting the noise and making objective decisions, the “loner effect”, and so much more!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Our need to address the “real estate bubble” [04:29]
    1. A look at past statistics & progression to ‘now’ [08:24]
    2. Sifting the truth from the noise & making objective decisions [13:39]
  2. Today’s residential real estate ‘picture’ [15:44]
    1. Factoring in population growth [16:57]
    2. Land to population to food ratio [18:26]
  3. The “Loner Effect” [21:01] – 23:20
  4. Inflation hasn’t really started! [23:28]
    1. What’s going to happen when the borders reopen? [23:45]
    2. The national rental crisis [52:05]
    3. Will buying a house & land package now help the economy? [25:53] – 28:36
  5. Australian household savings rates [28:41]
  6. Institutional investors are expanding towards residential assets [30:50]
  7. A look at large private equity groups allow insight into global market trends [35:01]
  8. Are we really in a real estate bubble? [36:42]
  9. Every investors should start thinking like institutional investors [37:51]
  10. Factors that will shift the growth rate [41:37]

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