124: Debt to Income Clampdown: What Does This Mean for You?

With the crazy price growth happening in Australia’s property market at the moment, investors, and others affected have become a bit… uneasy. 

In fact, so uneasy that the government is looking to bring in tighter regulations. So what happens now?

Let’s dig into what’s happening with the debt to income ratio, proposed policy changes, what that means for investors, who will be most affected and why, how investors can continue to succeed and successfully navigate these changes and more!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A high-level view of what is happening with AFR [03:58]
  2. Clamping down on higher-leveraged people to prevent future problems [06:35] 
  3. Affordability & Australia’s debt to income ratio [09:58]
  4. RBA’s Philip Lowe on changing the taxation system as a long-term strategy [12:58] 
  5. How does a high-yielding portfolio impact your income level? [17:30]
  6. “The Holy Trinity” approach works in any market [24:15]
  7. It’s easier to excel in a stable market [28:38]
  8. Leverage is great, but don’t get overleveraged [29:27]
  9. The disparity between credit, property prices & wages [33:02]

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