126: How the Green Energy Revolution Could Benefit Property Investors

Climate change has been happening for years, but we’ve come to a point where the green energy revolution is fully front and center.

Economic megatrends are already transforming the nation and the future of the country, and as we dive into this topic, we talk about how much the economy will change, how green energy projects will enliven regional areas and impact the property market, population shifts, and the huge amount of investments being made for greener projects.

For investors who want to stay ahead of the curve and be successful as we transition to a new, more diversified economy, this episode will be one for the books!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. What’s going on with property & climate change?! [03:42]
  2. The moral aspect to Australia’s involvement & contribution [07:20]
  3. Factors that impact economic viability & stability [09:58]
  4. Which areas will benefit more from the green energy revolution? [12:44]
  5. Places with existing infrastructures are great for renewable energy projects [17:48]
    • Don’t invest based on just infrastructure projects [18:18]
  6. Smaller towns will get a huge uplift from green energy projects [21:00]
  7. Will the green revolution change Australia’s property economics forever? [24:26]
  8. Bringing ancillary industries up to scratch with the green revolution [31:01]
    • The in-land rail project [31:59]
  9. Investors who will (and won’t) benefit from the energy revolution [35:11]
  10. Where do most investors go wrong? [37:52]

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