127: Humans of Dashdot: Creating Freedom, Choice and Abundance with Tim Keating

Does the idea of living a life of freedom, choice and abundance get you excited? Or do you scoff and think that it isn’t possible in this day and age?

Well, this episode will prove that this kind of life is definitely possible.

Today, we chat with someone achieving these three things. Meet Tim, one of our team members, in another instalment of our ‘Humans of Dashdot’ series. We talk about his role, his background as a professional athlete, his success in business, his mindset, values, and how he came to work with Dashdot. 

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See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Tim’s backstory and his role at Dashdot [02:44]
  2. How he ended up working with Dashdot [09:38]
  3. What he’s learnt since working with the team [17:10]
  4. How is Tim’s property investing journey shaping up now? [19:23]
  5. What success looks like [21:34]
  6. Applying lessons from his past experiences to his property investing journey [23:22]
  7. How Tim’s “sliding door moment” helped shape his future property journey [26:33]
  8. When did he get interested in real estate investing? [28:04]
  9. Tim’s advice to his younger self [30:38]
  10. How to position growth versus cashflow [31:42]
  11. Tim’s 3 truths to leave as a legacy [33:27]
  12. Advice for people looking to work with (and at) Dashdot [35:28]

About Our Guest:

Tim Keating is a property investor who has combined his passion with a life of freedom, and choice. His background as a professional sportsperson and business owner has set him up with a mindset for success. Right now, he is travelling around Australia with his wife and their dogs in a caravan, whilst working full time helping other people to achieve their own version of freedom.

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