128: How to Create a Mindset for Success in Trading and in Life with Louise Bedford

Have you ever gotten curious about share trading? 

Like property, it comes with risks and challenges, and developing the right mindset to combat any doubt that will prevent you from reaching your goal is incredibly important!

So how do you navigate the risks and form a mindset that will ensure your success?

Louise Bedford of The Trading Game joins us as we dig into the world of share trading! We talk about her beginnings, what makes trading so appealing despite the risks, the Kelly Principle, developing a “success” mindset to get you through the ups and downs, the characteristics you need to succeed, and more!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Who is Louise and what does she do? [02:49]
  2. Her early life & start in the trading industry [04:54]
  3. Her & her husband’s teamwork in property and the sharemarket [09:15]
  4. Why is trading appealing despite the risks? [13:23] 
  5. What’s the success (and fail) rate in trading? [16:03]
  6. 3 elements that will make trading easier & simpler [17:29]
  7. Why the 48% win percentage isn’t the end of the world [20:55]
  8. The Kelly Principle [24:06]
  9. Louise’s thoughts on the hedge fund versus ETF argument [25:14]
  10. What’s the minimum entry point for trading? [28:22] 
  11. Developing a good mindset to succeed in the sharemarket [31:28]
  12. What Louise means by having a “system” [34:03]
  13. How to keep a solid mindset to succeed in trading [40:00]
  14. The biggest thing people need to overcome [44:21]
  15. What success means for Louise [46:48]
  16. 3 simple truths she’d love to leave behind for others to learn from [49:34]

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About Our Guest:

Louise Bedford is a best-selling author of five books on the Australian sharemarket and is available for podcast interviews, keynote presentations and video appearances. She also helps clients by promoting them to her 5000+ Facebook fans, 2000+ LinkedIn associates, 33,000 Trading Game database members, and 10,000+ Talking Trading podcast listeners!

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