130: The Hardest Thing About Property Investing

Getting started in property investing is easier said than done. 

Aside from figuring out what and where you want to buy and what you plan to do with your property in the next few years, you’ll need to start as far back as getting your funds together and conditioning your mindset.

We’ve gotten loads of requests to “go back to basics” and start at the very top of the journey. So today, we talk about what most investors find difficult to stick to, why you need to start saving now, de-risking deals to encourage investors and more!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The three main phases investors often find difficult [04:28]
  2. Why should people start saving at all? [08:38]
  3. Having a vision & commitment to really pull through to the end [22:35]
  4. Sacrificing a little today to have a better tomorrow [28:04]
  5. How can people get the first push to build momentum? [29:09]
  6. Encourage friends to also be in the business of investing in their future [33:34]
  7. Getting financial support will make starting out easier [39:26]
  8. Offer a business proposal in place of being “handed out” money [42:52]
  9. Adding de-risk measures on deals to encourage investors [47:02]

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