131: Humans of Dashdot: Lessons in Building a Successful Portfolio as a Millennial with Jason D’Silva

Property investing is a great option for building wealth and the earlier you start, the better!

Jason D’Silva, Client Success Team Leader at Dashdot (and millennial investor at that), shares the ups and downs of his property journey, how he has evolved and is now on the path to success, the habits that formed to help him reach his goals and so much more!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Jason’s background & role in Dashdot [02:15]
  2. Factors that motivated him to enter real estate [04:15]
  3. How is Dashdot different from “traditional” real estate [08:11]
  4. What is so attractive and appealing about real estate? [10:24]
  5. Jason’s beginnings with property [12:25]
  6. His portfolio now and learnings made along the way [19:51]
  7. Why is this millennial even investing in property? [23:15]
  8. Jason’s role at Dashdot & what he’s seen happen with clients’ property journey [24:10]
  9. A big myth in property that has turned out to be just that [27:25]
  10. A millennial’s habits that helped him become successful in property [29:10] 
  11. Jason’s advice for budding property investors [32:21] 
  12. How can you build a good money mindset on property investing? [34:46]
  13. Advice for people in their early 20s who aren’t thinking about investing [38:17]
  14. What 3 truths would Jason want to leave behind? [41:06]

About our guest:

Jason D’Silva is a passionate property investor, and also the leader of the Client Success team at Dashdot. He started investing at an early age, and like many investors, made a few mistakes along the way. Nonetheless, his passion for property investing, and the transformation it can deliver has not waned, and he has been committed to developing his skills and experience in this field ever since. In fact, part of his passion for helping others is driven by a desire to help others avoid the mistakes he made early on, and to be able to light a way to property success. Jason is a great example of how any millennial can become a successful investor.

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