133: Our Top 10 Episodes of 2021!

2021 has been a crazy ride!

This year, we recorded a whopping 51 episodes and have had plenty of guests who have shared their expertise and have impacted our audience in many ways that inspired their property journey.

So today, we decided to put together the top 10 episodes that our audience have considered their favourites and that they have listened to (and watched) the most! From the Goldilocks Zone episode to our interview with Stephen McClatchie, there’s no better episode to dive into and share with your friends and family!

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Happy holidays and enjoy the show!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Signs You’re Already Too Late in the Market Cycle (and What to Do About It) [02:53]
  2. Principal Payments are Profits, Not Cost of Debt [07:01]
  3. Should I Aim for a Debt-Free Endgame? [12:31]
  4. How Emotional and Financial Fortitude Affect Asset Allocation [22:30]
  5. What’s Causing the ‘Exodus’ & Demand for Property? [29:31]
  6. What Can You Do to Organise Your Property Portfolio Better? [35:40]
  7. Begin with the End in Mind [44:10]
  8. The Secret to Understanding When & Where to Enter the Market [48:35]
  9. Advice for Quickly Scaling Your Property Portfolio [53:41]
  10. Is Cash Flow More Important Than Growth? [56:39]

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