135: A Kangaroo Through the Roof?! Lessons From a Seasoned Property Investor

Want to be in the upper echelons of successful property investors in Australia? Let’s peek into a one-of-a-kind investment journey!

Property investment is a rollercoaster ride—there will be ups and downs and twists and turns even when you’re already on the top.

In this episode, we’ll take a peek into the journey of a seasoned property investor, Nick Valois. We look back on his beginnings, challenges he’s faced, where he is now on his journey, and what he learned along the way. I’m sure you’ll learn from his story, too!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Getting to know seasoned property investor, Nick Valois [02:55]
  2. The transition from carpentry to becoming a foreman [09:50]
  3. When did Nick start investing in property and why? [11:38]
  4. Nick’s property investment journey [15:38]
  5. Property investment lessons that worked (and didn’t) [18:53]
  6. What you need to know when putting your money in properties [21:07]
  7. Who should you take advice from? [23:28]
  8. The kangaroo that broke through the roof [24:47]
  9. Advice for property investors who are planning to work with The Investor Lab [29:50]
  10. Buy more property! [33:03]
  11. Growing your wealth through real estate [34:37]
  12. A word for people who haven’t started investing [36:28]
  13. Getting over the mental barrier [38:00]
  14. Nick’s biggest takeaways from investing [40:03]
  15. Three lessons Nick will leave to the world [44:44]

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