136: How This Investor Bought 3 Properties in 11 Months and Made Over 300% ROI

Is it really possible to make over 300% return on investment in properties? If you think otherwise, this episode will change your mind.

While some people think that investing in property is costly and out of reach, our guest, Sandi Kenny, will prove to you that with the right amount of education and strategy, you can get the best results out of your investment.

Get inspired by how Sandi managed to create a great portfolio, buy cheaper properties, and generate money from them. We will also walk through the three properties she got over the past 11 months and everything she learned in her journey!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Who is Sandi Kenny & what sparked her interest in property? [02:17]
  2. When did Sandi realize that property is a good investment [06:06]
  3. Continuing her property journey after the first investment [07:59]
  4. How courses and training help you on your journey [10:26]
  5. The properties Sandi purchased (they’re all real!) [12:33]
  6. Property investing is never out of reach! [17:57]
  7. The endgame in property investment [21:56]
  8. Lessons Sandi’s learned along the way [22:45]
  9. Tips to maintaining a positive view of the world [24:27]
  10. The affordability of properties [28:03]
  11. Looking for profitability and tangibility in an investment [30:33]
  12. Beliefs Sandi had to let go of to achieve the life she has now [31:12]
  13. What drives Sandi forward? [33:29]
  14. Strive for balance, get educated, invest early [34:10]

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