137: Replacing Your Income: Can You Actually Do It Through Property?

For a lot of people, property seems incredibly stressful and difficult, so much so that using it to replace their income sounds like a fever dream.

Question is, can property truly help replace your income?

Today, we talk about how you can start thinking about cashflow exponentially, how to structure your property portfolio, the fact that cashflow changes over time, and so much more! 

If you’ve ever thought about whether or not cashflow in property is worth the effort, or how you can generate income using your portfolio, this is the episode to dive into! 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Setting the scene [02:51]
  2. What people want most of at the end of the day [09:47]
  3. Having the freedom to choose whether you want to work or not [11:02]
  4. Linear versus exponential thinking in terms of property & cash flow [13:46]
  5. How can you earn enough through property & replace your income? [17:52]
  6. Asset selection is all about understanding what your portfolio needs [19:19]
  7. A general portfolio concept to start with [22:18]
  8. Examples of buying property with a positive cash flow [23:20]
  9. Consider asset mix in your portfolio [27:07]
  10. Is it a fact that the lower the LVR, the better the cash flow? [31:31]
  11. Cash flow comes when you start doing… nothing? [33:58]
  12. Using heuristic thinking [38:29]

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