139: Property Investment Finance in 2022: What You Need to Know

Investment and finance always go hand-in-hand. However, not all investments result in good returns.

So, how can you make sure that you can get the most out of the investment you make in the property market? Answer: by knowing what you need to know.

Chris Raymond of Unconditional Finance takes us through property investment finance, talks about its current landscape and the changes in the interest rates, hurdle rates, and vendor discount rates. We also discuss how these changes affect investors and how they can navigate through such.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Will the 2021 property market momentum continue in 2022? [02:10]
  2. The biggest changes in property financing [03:37]
  3. Interest rates: the good and the bad [06:10]
  4. Why is there less movement in the investor lending market? [08:54]
  5. How do people currently navigate the changes in the property market? [12:53]
  6. Vendor discount rates and the values of a property [18:15]
  7. Let’s talk about interest rate rises in 2022 [20:53]
  8. How will rising interest rates affect home owners? [26:34] 
  9. It’s all about “relative affordability” [31:26]
  10. How does the finance landscape look like today? [35:01]

Chris Raymond founded Unconditional Finance which has become an award winning mortgage broking company specialising in residential, commercial, investment lending and development finance. He’s passionate about what he does and the clients he assists. Being an investor himself, he knows the importance of having loans tailored and structured in the most effective way which will allow his clients to continue to grow their portfolio in line with their financial goals.

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