143: Humans Of Dashdot: Creating a Transformational Life with Nicky and Natalie

Are you seeking transformation today?

At some point in our lives, our journey in career, business, and even real estate, will have a metaphysical effect in the way we connect with others and with ourselves. 

Nicky Glover and Natalie Armstrong from Dashdot join us in today’s episode as we talk about their life and real estate journeys, and all things transformative – their views on success, habits for life improvement, the power of manifestation, and loads more!

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See you on the inside! 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. On Nicky & Natalie and their roles in Dashdot [02:19] 
  2. Why people choose to work with Dashdot [06:02]
  3. How Nicky & Natalie ended up with the team [11:49]
    1. Nicky’s journey and fencing background [12:22]
    2. Natalie’s backstory and past ventures [16:32]
  4. Why Nicky & Natalie chose the property field [20:28]
  5. The ‘Save point’ in property [23:00]
  6. Common problems people face in property investment [28:35]
    1. Dashdot insider knowledge [32:08]
  7. Nicky’s “a-ha!” moment [36:32]
  8. On counting pennies and the look of success [40:54]
  9. Nicky & Natalie’s habits for life improvement [44:18]
  10. The multidimensionality of real estate prices [46:41]
  11. The power of manifestation [48:55]
  12. Beliefs Nicky & Natalie let go over the years [54:12]
  13. What Nicky & Natalie would say to their younger selves [55:57]
  14. This episode’s book recommendations [58:01]
  15. Nicky & Natalie’s 3 truths [01:03:09]

Links from the show:

Nicky and Natalie have both dedicated their working lives to conscious business principles, as business owners, leadership and business coaches and now as Sales Leaders for Dashdot.

They come as a package deal, each with their unique flavour. However, both stand clearly for a love first approach to sales and a new way to be in business and life.

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