144: How this Couple Mastered Their Mindset and Bought 4 Properties in under 2 years

What does your mindset have to do with success in property investing? 

How do you overcome that initial fear to invest and get the momentum going? What kind of mindset do you need to maximise your opportunities to get what you want in life?

Today, we listen to Jono and Tamie Gray’s journey – how they went from zero to four properties in less than two years, how they overcame their mindset in order to build a scalable and profitable property portfolio, where their new mindset has driven them to make massive changes in their lives, and heaps more! 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A little background on Jono & Tamie [03:08]
  2. How saving money led to investing in property [09:10]
  3. The mindset shift after investing [12:26]
  4. Jono & Tamie’s new perspective on debt [17:19] 
  5. How to overcome the fear of property investment [20:15]
  6. Special advice for aspiring property investors [25:10]
  7. How property investing improved Jono & Tamie’s lives [31:01]
  8. The 3 Truths for Jono & Tamie [34:36]

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