145: Property Investing Success Secrets with Jeremy Iannuzzelli

What does it take to be a successful property investor? 

What are the ways to operate through multiple cycles and achieve what you want in life? How do you get out of the two-property roadblock? How do you stay consistent and on track with your goals? 

Jeremy Iannuzzelli from Keshab Chartered accountants is here to share his amazing story in business and property investing, his secrets behind building a scalable property portfolio, his views on success, and many other golden insights.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. On Jeremy and his passion for crunching numbers [02:13] 
  2. Jeremy’s journey in property investment [05:14]
  3. Jeremy and his wife’s emotional transformation after acquiring their own property [11:57]
  4. What success looks like for Jeremy [15:26]
  5. Common mistakes of property investors [18:19]
  6. The secrets to creating a scalable property portfolio [27:15]
  7. Why consistency is key to success in property investment [38:47]
  8. How Jeremy stays on track with his goals [41:58]
  9. Jeremy’s word of advice for aspiring property investors [43:42]

With over 12 years of experience, dealing with small to medium business enterprises. Jeremy Iannuzzelli learned to channel his focus in the niche market of property investment. Dealing with many property investors, he is able to create effective tax structures in line with the goals and objectives his my clients.

He is also an enthusiastic property investor holding many properties in his portfolio and implementing a combination of strategies. Currently, he is engaged with many investors mentoring them not only in tax but a balanced strategy for them to acquire and hold more wealth helping them well into retirement.

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