149: How This Investor Achieved His Financial Goals in Just 14 months and Just 4 Properties! | With Daniel Kramarzewski

Reaching your goals is a sweet success, but doing it in record time is the cherry on top.

What does it take to achieve your goals in property investment in a short span of time? 

What mindset should you avoid when you want to succeed? 

How does focusing on leads open you to more and bigger opportunities?

Daniel Kramarzewski joins us and shares his journey in his career and property investing, the important lessons he picked up from his experiences, how he was able fast-track his success, and many more golden nuggets to spark inspiration!

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In this episode, we cover:

In this episode, we cover:

  1. Daniel Kramarzewski’s life and career [02:03]
  2. Why Daniel gave up his real estate business [06:01]
  3. The spark of interest in property investment [09:14]
  4. Daniel’s humble beginnings in property investment [10:40]
  5. Daniel’s journey to investment success with Dashdot [14:25]
    1. Setting out the goal [17:14]
    2. Buying his first property [18:30]
    3. Becoming yield-focused [20:58]
  6. How Daniel managed to reach his financial goals in record time [23:26]
  7. The type of people that don’t succeed in property investment [25:30]
  8. What’s next for Daniel [27:23]
  9. What Daniel would say to his younger self [31:08]
  10. Daniel’s three (plus one) truths [34:00]

Daniel Kramarzewski is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Smoke Alarm Testing Services. His 30 years of experience in marketing and business drives his thirst for pushing boundaries and achieving big goals. He has a wide range of specializations which include management strategy, customer and client relations, and sales management. He uses his skills to find customer-centric solutions, provide outstanding results, and inspire the people he works with.

He has a great love for sushi and coffee. He also enjoys listening to podcasts, reading books, and travelling. 

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