150: 150th Episode! A Fireside Chat with Gabi & Goose

We’ve been through challenging times but have come a long way, and Dashdot’s future is looking brighter than ever!

Gabi and I started in property investment in not the best of circumstances, but with passion and determination, we are thriving and now on the 150th episode of The Investor Lab! 

The last three years have been a wild ride for us, and we’re absolutely thrilled to spend more amazing years with you!

Join us as we share with you our business journey, our proud and favourite moments, and how this podcast has helped us connect and build a community for property investors.

Don’t miss out on this insider bonus: an insight into the next big project that will take the real estate game to the next level.

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See you on the inside! 

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In this episode, we cover:

In this episode, we cover:

  1. The best time to hit pause in your career and why it matters [02:25]
  2. Looking back at Goose and Gabi’s humble beginnings in property investments [06:37]
  3. How Dashdot and The Investors Lab podcast evolved through the years [10:06]
    1. Providing value and bringing a community together [10:44]
    2. How we survived a rocky start and thrived amidst the ups and downs [15:37]
  4. Why businesses that grow during tough times are bound for success [18:34]
  5. Gabi’s favourite moments from the last three years [22:34]
  6. The driving force behind our business and property strategies [24:21]
  7. Taking pride in the clients’ achievements and transformations [27:54]
  8. What the future looks like for Dashdot [31:51]
  9. A super powerful project in the works for property investors [35:03]
  10. Words of appreciation from Goose and Gabi [41:58]

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