152: Humans of Dashdot: Staying True to Yourself, and Taking Calculated Risks w/ Julien Mougenot

Being true to yourself and following your passion – can they work their magic to help you find your purpose?

In this latest installment of the Humans of Dashdot series, we’re getting to know Julie Mougenot, Dashdot’s Head of Data and Technology, and learn about his career journey from being a Chemical Engineering graduate to becoming a successful entrepreneur and property investor.

How do data and technology play a role in finding positively geared properties?

What are the benefits of working with a great real estate team?

How can you find your purpose and live your passion?

We cover these and more in this inspiring episode!

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See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Julien Mougenot’s story and his role at Dashdot [01:59]
  2. Julien’s search for his true purpose [06:40]
  3. How Julien started his career in property investment [09:46]
  4. Investing in properties with the help of data and tech [15:19]
  5. How working at Dashdot changed Julien’s perception of property investing [21:11]
  6. Julien’s experience as a Dashdot client [22:54]
  7. Biggest lessons Julien learned from property investing [26:13]
  8. How Dashdot’s data and tech teamwork [32:54]
  9. Julien on living his passion and future plans [37:18]
  10. Staying on track and defining your goals [40:18]
  11. Julien’s 3 simple truths  [45:20]

Julien Mougenot is the head of Data and Technology at Dashdot, aiming to transform the way people invest in properties. He is committed to delivering complex IT solutions for different huge organisations and has been living his passion for data and technology for over 18 years. After making the first deposit, you will be rewarded with welcome online slot bonus offers instantly. He also collaborates with business executives to help drive real value in business and improve services by executing technology projects on time and on budget.

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