155: Hacking Your Brain to Create a Life of Abundance with Dr Simone Boer

How do you use property to build wealth while harnessing the power of the mind to achieve the life that you want? 

Rainbow-haired coach and neuroscientist Dr Simone Boer shares how she managed to gain a state of financial freedom by reprogramming her brain. 

We talk about brain hacks, how psychology relates to the property market, the power of manifestation, and heaps more!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Simone’s journey from PhD holder to Business owner [03:05]
  2. How Simone’s vision changed an entire community [07:02]
  3. Psychology and the property market [09:49]
  4. How Simone conquered the 2008 financial crisis [16:58]
  5. The beginning of Simone’s business and her shift in business strategy [21:56]
  6. Simone’s property yields [26:32]
  7. The road to complete financial freedom [29:40]
  8. Having the mindset to achieve your goals [33:32]
  9. Hacking our lazy brains [35:56]
  10. Using visualisation to reprogram your brain [41:39] 
  11. A neuroscientist’s view on manifestation [45:40]
  12. How brain hacks shaped Simone’s property journey [48:08]
  13. Living an abnormal life and Simone’s three simple truths [51:23]

About our guest:

Dr Simone Boer is a leadership, self-development and career coach and consultant with +12 years of experience across a range of government services and roles. She also has had +8 career transitions to date from psychology and neuroscience, before shifting to a career in strategy, facilitation and engagement.

She loves to combine people-centred approaches with neuroscience and strategy which gets you to dream bigger and achieve so much more. She brings in coaching techniques and ‘brain hacks’ and this is where the magic happens. Her best possible moments are the buzz that you can just feel from the shifts in people’s perspectives.

Chris Raymond founded Unconditional Finance, an award-winning mortgage broking company specialising in residential, commercial, investment lending and development finance.

He is passionate about what he does and the clients he can assist. Being an investor, he knows the importance of having your loans tailored and structured in the most effective way, allowing you to continue to grow your portfolio in line with your financial goals.

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