161: Will Interest Rates Continue to Rise? with Charley and Grant

Today’s show is a little bit different… 

Friends of the channel, Charley Valher and Grant Merriel, recently asked me to hop on their show, Full Stack Business Owner – so I did, and some really interesting topics came up. 

Join us as we have an awesome talk about rising interest rates, building wealth when interest rates are high, forecasting interest rates, and more!

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See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Why interest rates are going up [03:29]
  2. How interest rates affect loan affordability [07:44]
  3. Wealth creation in business and property when interest rates are high [15:18]
  4. What will happen to interest rates in the coming years? [21:52]
  5. Should interest rates be a deciding factor for business owners? [26:17]
  6. Sourcing true and accurate information [35:03] 

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