224: Why Property Investors Are Australia’s Only Hope! | #224

Meet Terry, a property wizard with over four decades of experience. He’s saying 2023 is prime time for property because it’s booming, regardless of what economists say.

When COVID hit, everyone thought property values would sink, but not Terry. He correctly predicted it would turn into a boom.

Now, there’s a rental crisis. Some are saying property investors are the villains, but Terry says they’re Australia’s only hope. He adds that the idea of capping rents and scrapping negative gearing is NOT a good plan. He says it’ll lead to a rental apocalypse. His advice?

  1. Stop taxing investors like crazy.
  2. Eliminate land taxes and stamp duties.
  3. And cut some slack on capital gains tax while you’re at it.

2023 is looking like a juicy steak on the grill. Building rates are low. Approval rates are even lower. Even interest rates are coming down. Apartments are in the spotlight, offering low-maintenance living and affordability.

So tune into this episode, because Terry and the gang have the latest inside scoop on the property frenzy. It’s such a rollercoaster ride of insights and laughs, you’ll walk away with a pocket full of property wisdom and a great mood to boot.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 02:43 Future Predictions: Impact on Society Ahead
  3. 08:06 Property Investors and Australia’s Rental Crisis 
  4. 14:54 Investment & Affordability in Australia Explored 
  5. 20:46 Property Trends: Government Policies and Impact
  6. 26:43 Property Taxes: Impact on Investors Analyzed 
  7. 29:13 Real Estate Growth: Australia’s Market Outlook. 
  8. 33:30 Interest Rates: Shaping Property Market Trends 
  9. 39:07 Consumer Sentiment: Insights into Property Trends 
  10. 42:27 Market Trends: Affordability Challenges Discussed 
  11. 46:44 Effective Investment Strategies: Property Market Insights

About Terry

Real estate expert Terry Ryder packs a wealth of experience, having been in the industry since 1982. He’s penned four real estate books, handling roles at top publications like The Courier-Mail and The Australian Financial Review. Terry’s insights also regularly grace the pages of Money Magazine, and he’s a sought-after voice on TV and radio. 

In 2006, he created Hotspotting.com.au for savvy investors and launched PropertyU in 2017. His business offers tailored location reports and marketing tools, along with mentoring for aspiring property investors.

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