78: How to Start Your Investing Journey Even on a Low Income with Matt Chamberlain

Learning through experience is arguably the best way to grow, but if you haven’t even started the journey, taking pointers from other people is the next best thing. 

If you’re unsure about getting into property and feel like you’re too young for it… 

You’re not. 

If you have the right people around you and a good, clear strategy, age and income should not be a factor! 

Today’s episode features property investor, Matt Chamberlain, who set out on his investment journey at the young age of 17. 

We’ll talk about why he decided to invest in real estate… 

What his first property was and why he chose it… 

Mistakes and lessons learned along the way… 

And heaps more! 

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A brief background on Matt [02:24] 
  2. Starting out on his property and financial journey at 17 [03:19] 
  3. Why Matt had a different approach to money compared to other people his age [06:27] 
  4. Transitioning from accounting to real estate [09:11] 
  5. Matt’s first property and what his strategy was [12:37] 
  6. The mistake he made with his first property [14:23] 
  7. How long it’ll take for his property to become positively geared [18:33] 
  8. His advice to other young property investors [20:00] 
  9. The goal and direction that he and his partner are working on [21:38] 
  10. What direction in property does he see himself taking in the next 2 years? [25:30] 
  11. The effect of current trade conditions in China on the Australian market [28:48] 
  12. The lessons Matt has learned throughout his journey [30:37]

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About Our Guest:

Matt Chamberlain is an accountant by trade. Clear on his financial journey at the age of 17, he started investing and purchased his first property in Brisbane. He’s slowly transitioning to real estate investing and ultimately working towards his life goal and achieving more freedom, choice, and abundance.

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