80: The 5 Golden Rules of Trading the Markets with Jason McIntosh

Has anyone ever told you to trade stocks because it’s “quick and easy to get into”?

Well, they might be a little off target – or a lot.

You see, the stock market is not just about opening an account and buying and selling stocks… 

And just like property, it’s a volatile market that requires focus, intent, and the right approach for you to do well in.

Today, share and stock specialist Jason McIntosh from Motion Trader shares his expertise on how you can win against the volatile stock market.  

We’ll talk about the current phase of the share market and how to respond to it…

How to balance & spread risks in stock trading…

The difference between investing in property and stocks…

And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Jason McIntosh and Motion Trader [04:20]
  2. The problem with “black box” systems [06:22]
  3. Failure is essential in refining your strategy & gaining experience [07:21]
  4. Jason’s cornerstone setback [10:42]
  5. Moments of adversity pushes creativity [14:19]
  6. What made shares, business, and property your asset classes of choice? [18:06]
  7. The advantage of starting your investing journey while still at university [20:42]
  8. Current phase of the share market and how to respond to it [22:15]
  9. Planning your own investment and exit strategies [26:31]
  10. What strategies will work best under the current 2020 situation? [31:48]
  11. The benefits of spreading your risks [32:46]
  12. Trading with the trend [33:29]
  13. Balancing the risk reward of shares and property in a volatile environment [34:56]
  14. If you want thrill and excitement, the stock market isn’t for you [39:39]
  15. Between stocks and yield, what should you consider when investing? [41:04]
  16. To buy or not to buy: An approach to purchasing stocks [45:07] snippet – 50:49
  17. What is Jason’s property investment strategy? [50:50]
  18. The difference between investing in stocks versus property [54:21]
  19. Investing is a career [1:01:28]
  20. Get a boost by learning from someone else’s experiences [01:03:11]

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About Our Guest:

Jason McIntosh is a share and stock specialist and the brain behind Motion Trader. Motion Trader specializes in share trading advisory service based solely on hard data. Jason’s expertise and years of experience at Bankers Trust in the 90s has helped him guide everyday people on how to invest and trade like pros. 

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