81: The Hunting Hotspots Season Finale!

We’ve reached the end…

…of our Hunting Hotspots series!

For the past few months, we’ve covered each core growth driver to help you locate the right property at the right place, and invest at the right time.

And today, we’re going to talk about the final three – and it’s an episode you won’t want to miss.

From understanding and riding the trends, breaking free from the “good location” paradigm, to the holy trinity of finding hotspots – there’s so much to unpack in today’s episode. 

We’ll also talk about the ripple effect, its timing, and how to take advantage of it…

The different location preferences and each of their benefits…

How the government uses job opportunities to drive people in a certain direction…

And much, much more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Swift review of the previous core drivers [09:37]
  2. The ripple effect: when capital growth ripples outward [10:15]
  3. Understand, ride with, and pay attention to the trends [17:31]
  4. Consider the time it will take for a ripple to take effect [22:17]
  5. Sea change trend: Everybody wants to live near the beach [26:42]
  6. Why are some coastal locations more desirable than others? [32:00]
  7. If not sea locations, how about tree change locations? [38:27]
  8. The intersection of the nature of location with the other core drivers [43:23]
  9. What is the goal of the government in creating jobs nodes? [44:42]
  10. The location of jobs nodes direct the ripples of future hotspots [47:27]
  11. The holy trinity of finding hotspots: affordability, transport, & infrastructure [52:17]
  12. Did the pandemic affect the people’s decision of moving back home? [55:30]
  13. Breaking free from the “good location” paradigm [58:04]
  14. Knowing these core drivers means more accountability as a buyer [01:01:09]
  15. Past performance does not indicate future performance, it doesn’t matter [01:03:24]

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