84: How to Think About the Property Investing Endgame

Do you have an image of what your property portfolio will be 20 or 30 years from now?

Do you see yourself accumulating more residential properties or will you venture on to commercial properties?

You see, having a clear-cut end game for your property investment is as important as your business end game…

In the newest episode of the ‘Property and Business’ series, we’ll discuss the elements that need to be considered in planning out your property investing endgame.

We’ll talk about how the events of 2020 affected businesses and property investment alike…

The elements of apex progressions and how it is important in planning for your endgame…

The necessity of understanding your capabilities in risk management and leverage viewpoint…

And so much more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The effects of current world issues on businesses [08:06]
  2. Social media exacerbates all issues [09:35]
  3. What does it take to reach your endgame? [14:46]
  4. Apex progression: foundation, acceleration, and legacy [16:02]
  5. Should I aim for a debt-free endgame? [27:01]
  6. Positive cash flow or debt payment, which should be prioritized? [36:42]
  7. Goose’s acceptable LVR and what his endgame looks like [40:29]
  8. Understanding risk tolerance and leverage viewpoint [44:43]
  9. Is buying and selling assets the only way to achieve success? [48:14]
  10. Invest in assets that are for the long haul [50:42]
  11. Adapting an active strategy: the buy and hold strategy [53:14]
  12. Focusing on building wealth and other phases of life [55:34]
  13. What does it take to have a hand at active property strategies? [57:40]
  14. Evaluate the risks that goes together in property investment [01:01:05]
  15. Base strategies on experience and capability to manage risk [01:05:06]

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