87: How to Use Data to Make Better Investing Decisions with Kent Lardner

If you could buy a property for a price lower than its market value, would you buy it? What if you could determine how much a property is ACTUALLY worth without being subjected to your own subconscious biases?

Data analysis is an art that is highly underappreciated in the property industry. But what you might not know is that it may just be the very thing that can give you a leading-edge advantage.

You just need to leverage it.

This week, Kent Lardner shares the positive influence accurate data has in your property investment decisions.

We talk about what got him into property data analysis…
What an SA3 is and what role it plays in your property journey…
Forecasting hot SA3 areas in the future…
And heaps more.

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. How Kent got fascinated with property data [03:28]
  2. The difference between the US, Australia, and China property datasets [06:14]
  3. Figuring out if the property is under market value or not [09:43]
  4. AVM data vs the advertised listing price [12:02]
  5. The issue with CMAs [16:15]
  6. Do different banks use different AVMs? [17:41]
  7. The necessity for a new property research platform [19:12]
  8. What is an SA3 and why is it important? [21:03]
  9. Things to look for in an SA3 [26:51]
  10. There are no good or bad methodologies, just right or wrong streets [27:43]
  11. Putting the property inventory up against the current trend [31:24]
  12. Taking a look at population density in making investment decisions [35:44]
  13. How rent comes into play in property market growth [38:35]
  14. The direction of the Melbourne property market growth [41:10]
  15. Can enough data and machine learning create accurate market predictions? [42:33]
  16. What qualifies Sutherland, Menai, and Heathcote as SA3 areas [45:41]
  17. Why the ACT continues to be a hot market [49:07]
  18. The difficulty of buying a property in WA [51:06]
  19. Kent’s passion for helping startups through accurate property data [54:22]

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About Our Guest:

Kent is a property data expert with over 30 years of experience working for companies such as JLL, CoreLogic, and Genworth Financial. He was a director of PriceFinder and designed the original price estimation tool prior to heading up the banking platforms and analytics team at RP data / CoreLogic. He also recently launched a new venture called ‘The Property Nerds,’ and features both a podcast and website. 
Kent regularly appears on The Elephant In The Room podcast and in The Australian Financial Review. His specialties include; property data, market research, risk forecasting based on machine learning, data visualisation & web site content, automated valuation models, and statistics.

Connect with Us:

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