89: The Importance of Having a Positively Geared Portfolio with Lloyd Edge

How important is it to have a positively geared portfolio? 

Building a large portfolio is very doable, but often people get lost along the way…

So how do we steer our investments in the right direction so we can build that portfolio and achieve the freedom, abundance, and growth that we’ve always wanted? 

Joining us in this episode is Lloyd Edge, author of Positively Geared, and we dig deep into the importance of having a positively geared portfolio.

We talk about Lloyd’s investment journey to success…
The important things that starting investors must focus on…
Why it’s crucial to have a robust investment strategy…
And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A bit about Lloyd’s Background [03:55]
  2. Lloyd’s investment journey [05:34]
  3. The story on how he acquired his duplex [09:20]
  4. Important things to think about when starting your investment journey [12:32]
  5. How rental yield contributes to keeping you moving forward [15:55]
  6. The importance of having a robust financial strategy [19:56]
  7. Lloyd’s roadmap to manufacturing equity and leverage [23:55]
  8. Why it’s important to think from a place of principles & strategy [26:18]
  9. Why Lloyd thinks having properties in capital cities provides more growth [28:38]
  10. Growth and yield should be kept in balance [31:24]
  11. His view on the property market’s direction 3-5 years from now [33:45]
  12. The “Positively Geared” book and courses Lloyd offers [37:09]

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About Our Guest:

Lloyd Edge went from a heavily-mortgaged one-bedroom apartment to a multi-million dollar property portfolio in just 10 years; all on a teacher’s wage. Today, he is the Managing Director and founder of Sydney-based buyer’s agency, Aus Property Professionals.

In 2018, he received the ‘Your Investment Property’ Top Buyers’ Agent award and in 2019 he was a finalist in the Real Estate Business Awards.

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