91: How to Become an Empowered Investor with Toni Versic

Property investing isn’t a walk in the park. You’ll encounter pitfalls and successes, and even get some surprises (good or bad) along the way. 

What matters, then, is making sure you’re capable of going through the highs and lows, be focused on your goals, and have a good relationship with yourself.

In other words, you need to be an empowered investor, in more ways than one.

Joining us today is High Performance Coach Toni Versic, as we talk about how to become an empowered investor, how to define and redefine success, and what the best investment you can make for yourself is.

We also cover communication in relationships between high-performance individuals and their partners…
How to reignite a better relationship with yourself…
How to identify and get rid of things that are holding you back…
And much, much more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Getting to know Toni Versic [03:11]
  2. Quantifying “four years’ worth of growth” [05:02]
  3. The common denominator of fear and reigniting relationships with ourselves [07:12]
  4. Toni’s method of helping people help themselves [10:17]
  5. Relationships between high-performance individuals and their partners [15:10]
  6. What is the best investment you can make? [21:40]
  7. Pain vs pleasure: which one is the more powerful trigger? [23:36]
  8. A conversation on redefining success & framing freedom [29:37] 
  9. Who do we need to become, and who do we want to be? [38:37]
  10. Mortality is a good reminder for us to take action [44:08]

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About Our Guest:

Toni Versic is a peak performance coach for business owners and entrepreneurs. He helps them grow their business without sacrificing the connection with their families and themselves. His Key Three method supports them in finding balance between health, wealth & relationships. 

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