96: 5 Key Metrics for Selecting Emerging Markets

It’s easy to mistake a cheap market for an emerging market.

With multiple things to consider, how can you tell if you’re investing in the right one and not setting yourself up for a bad investment?

Today, we talk about the 5 key metrics for selecting emerging markets. From defining what it is, how different it is from a hotspot, and why we should be talking about it, we unpack a lot – and mention some ‘secret sauce’ along the way.

We also talk about risk profiles and making decisions around them…
Why you should consider a market’s future supply risk…
The factor of rental demands & vacancy rates…
And much, much more.

So jump on in and we’ll see you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Why should we talk about emerging markets? [04:23]
  2. Defining what an emerging market is [05:42]
  3. The difference between hotspot & emerging markets [15:05]
  4. Risk profiles & decision-making [18:46]
  5. What to look out for & understand when investing in emerging markets [25:34]
  6. Factoring in supply and demand [27:34]
  7. Considering a market’s future supply risk [31:22]
  8. Median rents versus median yields [35:26]
  9. Rental demands & vacancy rates [37:04]
  10. A market’s project pipeline & completion probability [39:32]

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