Market Updates

111: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of CGT

In today’s episode, we dive deep into the topic of CGT from an angle that most people wouldn’t take, that is, the belief that it shouldn’t scare you to think about at all! We share how you can think about it strategically and how the benefits of your strategy actually outweigh the cons.

107: Where Does Property Development Fit Into Your Property Portfolio? (Feat. Rob Flux)

Today, we have a chat with Rob Flux, Founder of Property Developer Network and one of the go-to people who are incredibly knowledgeable about property development. We cover the benefits and risks of property development, who it’s for, how it ties into your portfolio and much more!

106: How This Couple Bought 8 Properties in 15 Months

Scaling a successful property portfolio quickly seems far-fetched and impossible… but is it? Joining us in today’s episode are Dashdot clients Bianca Kennedy & Charley Valher, as we talk about how they were able to buy 8 properties in just 15 months!

104: Rentvesting: The Fast Track to Freedom?

Today’s episode is all about rentvesting and how it can help you get your dream home faster. We tackle what it is, how it works and why it’s a good strategy to use. We also cover diversification, financial mechanics and thinking about your portfolio as a strategy to get to where you want faster.

103: Commercial Property Cashflow (and Growth) with Helen Tarrant

In today’s episode, we chat with successful commercial property investor Helen Tarrant about commercial property cashflow and growth. We touch on her journey from running a salon to property investing, her definition of success, residential vs. commercial property, the risks involved and heaps more.

102: Discovering Your Freedom Formula with Bushy Martin

Today, we speak with award-winning property expert Bushy Martin about “the freedom formula”. We tackle why you should optimise the time you’ve got and what you need to look at in order to transform your life and get the level of freedom you want, while getting some practical and feasible life advice you can apply in your life.

101: How to Invest Successfully in a Dynamic and Changing Market with Terry Ryder

Today, we speak with property expert Terry Ryder about how to make good investments for the long term. We tackle questions like, “Do interest rates really drive growth?” and, “Is the current boom in the capitals sustainable?” while getting a good look at the current Australian property landscape.

100: Business Owners: The Time Is Now! …Or Is It?

In this episode, we talk about how you can navigate thinking around making decisions for a sustainable business. We answer questions like, “Is now the time to accommodate risk?” and, “Should we spring for the fence without worrying about the other side of it?” and more.

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