Podcast Ep67: Calculating Opportunity Cost

We have another impactful and insightful episode that’s sure to get you reflecting on the real cost of inaction as we talk about its financial and emotional costs, why you shouldn’t delay your investment journey, what causes people to take action later, and heaps more.

Podcast Ep60: How to Buy Back Your Time

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to achieve so much more in life, when the reality is, we all have exactly the same amount of time each day? Today’s episode aims to help learn how to buy back your time, why there are times you need to delegate your tasks to others for growth, and more!

Podcast Ep54: Higher Than Average Growth with Matt and Sasha

Today, we’ll talk with two property market experts, Matt and Sasha, about the machine-learning algorithm and how it’s different from AI, what makes the human element essential to this kind of technology, why there is no core growth driver in the market at all, and heaps more.

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