03: Eight Steps To Start, Boost, or Bolster ANY Property Portfolio

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When you first decide you want to buy a property, what’s your process? Do you even have one or do you just start looking through realestate.com.au for something that’s within your budget? This is a very common pitfall that we’re here to discuss today on The Investor Lab. We’ve found that the vast majority of people start their property investment journey by looking at property, and although this may seem like a logical first step, we’re here to discuss why you need to delve deeper.

In order to achieve a positive outcome in your investment journey, you have got to establish a process. It’s important to operate in a way that is in alignment with what you want to achieve. Luckily for you, we’re taking the guesswork out of what your process should look like and sharing ours with you. This is the exact process we follow with our clients and we know it works and we’ve broken it down into eight key steps.


  1. Know your position and kill your ego
  2. A deep dive into your appetite for risk and your goals
  3. Research: Macro
  4. Research: Micro
  5. Research: Property
  6. Coming to a fair deal
  7. Acquire and Settle
  8. Now that you have a process, you can go again and repeat your success


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