Podcast Ep10: From Black Market To Business Consultant

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Transformation and change can often be born out of adversity as many listeners, I’m sure, can attest to as well as our own Investor Lab host Goose. Learning life lessons in unexpected places can afford you great benefit if the life lessons are in fact learnt.

Our guest today is Andrew Sparks, Goose’s co-business mastermind and the street-smart entrepreneur behind FitGro with an unlikely beginning. To summarise, Andrew dropped out of school at age 15 and pursued plumbing establishing his own business at age 20. After the obligatory first overseas trip was unexpectedly extended from 12 months to 10 years, Andrew found himself a successful drug dealer in Canada before the wisdom of Tony Robbins led to the realisation that he was not living his purpose. Then came an intense period of self-discovery, investment and education culminating in the foundation of the internationally successful fitness-sector business coaching company, FitGro.

Listen as Goose and Andrew discuss improbable beginnings, adaptability, and Andrew’s unique outlook on business and investing.

Key Points:

  • Tony Robbins and the 6 human needs
  • Avoid defining labels: “I’m an addict” disempowers the individual stifling change
  • Invest in yourself: Andrew has spent over half a million dollars on personal development
  • Never under-estimate the ability to be adaptable
  • Benefiting from meditation
  • Enlist a mentor and learn from their mistakes just as much as their wisdom
  • Beginners: know what you want and recruit help to achieve it


End Quotes:

“It really just comes back to what people need. Sometimes someone needs a baseball bat and a kick to the head. This is what you said you wanted, just go and do it!”

― Andrew Sparks

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