Podcast Ep13: March Market Madness

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March madness is well and truly upon us: stock shortages, Coronavirus, rates cuts, and property price surge. This creates turbulence in the investment market resulting in both misfortune and opportunity for wealth. Separate to the direct effect these events have on the market is the psychological impact – the emotional human reaction – which often far surpasses the expected logical outcome. Predicting this response and acting on those predictions for the purposes of creating wealth in the midst of hysteria is very difficult to the point that it creates volatile decision making – not unlike #toiletpapercrisis.

The Investor Lab duo Goose and Gabi have raided aisle 5 and are flush with metaphorical toilet paper to wipe away the unwanted filth in today’s investor’s market leaving you with a clean path to wealth.

Key Points:

  • First home buyer scheme impact
  • Massive stock shortages in Australian broadacre farming
  • The effect that the coronavirus is having on the marketplace worldwide
  • How the RBA cash rate decrease has affected the economy
  • Just as markets change, so should tactics and strategies
  • The importance, now more than ever, of being an informed investor
  • Building your growth and your wealth according to the “seasons”
  • Making your move when everyone else is fearful
  • The type of property that makes for a good purchase in times like this


End Quotes:

“If you plant your seeds in the wrong garden, or don’t tend to them in the right way, they will not sprout, and you’ll find yourself with a baron patch of dirt”

― Goose

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