Podcast Ep14: Renovation Revelations with BuildHer’s Rebeka Morgan

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Here at The Investor Lab, we are always spruiking property, both residential and commercial, as investment opportunities. But what about looking at the business of building itself? Who better to chat to than a successful builder come entrepreneur who has built high-end homes and a high-yield business. Further to this, she has consciously decided to cap yearly profits in order to maximise her enjoyment from her builds and thus her life which is perfectly aligned with our outlook on wealth-building here at The Investor Lab.

Rebeka Morgan is the co-founder of BuildHer Collective – an organisation focussed on building women builders to empower them to renovate their forever home, renovate for profit, and build from scratch. They also offer courses and mentorship, take building a step further with their Inner Circle where they train people up on developing for profit, and deliver informative, entertaining parcels of building know-how via their weekly podcast, Building with BuildHer.

Rebeka’s building passion started from a very early age but became a profession in her early 20’s where she turned a residential house into a high-yield rental return rooming house in Berwick. Her success has continued throughout her career including most recently where her last 6 BuildHer projects have broken suburb sale records.

Join Rebeka and Goose as they chat about equity versus cashflow, strategically capitalising in lucrative areas, avoiding the banks for finance, and the female experience in the male-dominated building industry.

Key Points:

  • Picking your building depending on how long your cash will be tied up for
  • Prioritising equity capture vs cashflow strategies
  • The dependence of capital on the suburb your project lies in
  • Equity funding vs standard property finance via the banks
  • The different development lending options available
  • Defining your unique value proposition and creating a “one-off” property that sells high
  • What inspired Rebeka to start BuildHer Collective
  • Why BuildHer Collective helps women only
  • The disparity between males and females in the real estate industry generally
  • Why women are suited to project management
  • The benefits of a Mastermind group
  • There’s no one “right” strategy: it’s about understanding where you are and setting realistic goals
  • Identifying your weaknesses and back-fill with sourced talent


End Quotes:

“If you can get your kids out the door with their shoes on and their lunches and on-time to school, you can project manage a build.”

― Rebeka

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