Podcast Ep16: Market Surfing: How To Ride The Waves In Real Estate

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The industry is going through a market shift, and it’s understandable that you may have plenty of questions or concerns. 

In this episode, we cover questions like, what happens when property prices go down, what if I can’t find tenants (or if I have them but they can’t pay), what happens if I lose my job, and many more. We also touch on how to elevate your thinking, help you move fluently in the industry and succeed long-term. 

Whether you’re thinking about investing, have already started, or well further along, this episode will be incredibly valuable for you!

Sound bites & sound advice:

  1. Don’t panic when you first purchase a property! [05:30]
  2. What do you do if property prices go down? [07:04]
  3. Learn to surf the waves and think long-term [09:08]
  4. How can you secure tenants? [10:00]
  5. The right purchase will be valuable if you ever lose your job [11:22]
  6. What if you’re ready to invest or purchase a property? [13:15]
  7. There will be plenty of opportunities to come… so be ready! [14:40]

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