Podcast Ep18: Property Investing in Economic Downturns

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The world is changing everyday, and with the current pandemic affecting almost every industry – including property investment – lots of people are either panicking, unsure of what to do next, or just worried overall.

In today’s episode, we discuss questions like, “How will unemployment affect my property”, and, “Are we going to see hyperinflation?”. We also discuss what areas are most affected, if property prices are going to crash or boom, and what metrics to watch out for to have a recession-proof property portfolio. This episode is a bit above an hour, but it’s full of insights and information you would benefit from knowing.

Episode Highlights:

  1. A discussion on unemployment [06:42]
  2. How will rising unemployment affect my property? [11:10]
  3. Today’s economy and the 1990’s recession [23:40]
  4. Will the property market crash in the midst of unemployment woes? [29:05]
  5. Access to money is a bigger indicator of market status than GDP & unemployment [32:21]
  6. Inflation & Hyperinflation [35:06]
  7. Is global digital currency just around the corner? [38:34]
  8. Printing more money does not always result in inflation [47:44]
  9. What happens if the dollar value declines and fluctuates? [49:49]
  10. Metrics property owners & buyers can look into to prepare for the future [58:05]
  11. What properties are experiencing rental declines and which are thriving? [1:03:24]
  12. What should we do now? [1:06:11]

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