Podcast Ep21: The 6 Pillars: Reset Your Life Every 90 Days

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Ideas without action are completely pointless. Entrepreneurs and business owners want to make sure they’re creating measurable pathways to reach their dreams.

Today’s episode is all about The Seed of Life/Six Pillars Exercise, a way to analyse yourself in six significant areas of life to make sure you’re systematically moving towards your goals. 

Prepare to take a deep dive and find out if you’re still focused or if something’s gotten in your path. See you on the inside!

Episode Highlights:

  1. The 6 Pillars exercise in business [11:19]
  2. How the exercise works [15:07]
  3. Analysing your mindset and intellect [18:31]
  4. How is your social life? [22:58]
  5. Rating your career [35:17]
  6. Evaluating your family and relationships [40:07]
  7. Assessing your health [48:17]
  8. Checking your financial standing [53:37]
  9. What the total score means [58:44]
  10. The purpose of doing this exercise [1:01:10]

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